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It's your business, your vision. We give you the support you deserve. BOS endeavour to provide the necessary business support to meet all our customers’ needs, focusing on the core activities of each individual business. This process not only creates a solid foundation for your business, it also creates opportunities for you, the business owner to develop your vision with the full support of our outsourcing specialists. The team at BOS are constantly growing, adapting and learning in order to transfer their attributes across all business platforms. Get in touch today to discuss how BOS can help you and your business thrive.


Administration Support

Running your business successfully ultimately falls down to administrative support. The BOS administration teams are professional, productive, reliable and have the ability to multitask increasing your business’ productivity. Administration services also include mobile answering and text messaging services.

Customer Service & Communications Support

At BOS, our customer service and support teams have the ability to adapt to any given situation, enabling your customers to make the most informed decisions and correct use of your product. First response time is crucial to the success of the service BOS provide.

Virtual Personal Assistance

As part of the Customer Service package here at BOS, we can tailor our Virtual PA Package to suit the needs of any individual looking for such a unique service taking care of anything from answering your phone calls with a smile, to booking your next holiday in the Sun.


Times are changing and industries are constantly becoming more competitive, which is why it's crucial that you have complete control over your business. BOS are here to provide outsourcing solutions that can help you with this, taking care of any admin and leaving you to focus on the most important aspects of your business. The team at BOS are constantly growing and learning in order to transfer their attributes across different business platforms. The prospect of adapting to newer platforms poses a positive challenge for the team that allows us to apply successful experiences to your business.


Here at BOS, we have a great team of administrative, customer service, sales, marketing, and consulting professionals, and we are always excited to meet new faces.

We pride ourselves on employee satisfaction, and if you are determined, eager and want to work in a fun, exciting and team built environment, then we would love to hear from you. So why not contact us, or explore opportunities currently advertised?

Email us on [email protected] and we may have the perfect role for you, or learn more about the roles we are currently advertising.

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